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LaserPET™ II Electronic Target + SureStrike™ 9mm Cartridge

Product Review (submitted on December 27, 2019):
We've had our Laser Pet II for a while now, and love it! It works great, and is very fun to use. If you're reading this, and don't know much about dry-fire practice, let me explain a bit. Dry-fire practice, as all competitive shooters know, is essential for developing accuracy. This is because all the mechanics & fundamentals are exactly the same as shooting a single live round only there's no recoil to contend with. Shooting live rounds at a paper target at the range, you often fire not knowing which shots are hits and which are misses. With dry-fire & the Laser Pet II, you're aware of whether each and every "round" scored a hit. This instant feedback allows you to immediately correct your sighting errors. The Laser Pet II is the perfect size... it comes with a two inch target that I can hit most of the time from the furthest I can back away from it in my house. Fortunately, it comes with slip-in targets that reduce the "hit" size, so you can raise the difficulty level as you improve. The different modes are fun and useful. I think one of the best features about the Laser Pet II is that its just so easy to get up and running. Simply insert the laser cartridge in your pistol (after clearing it of all live rounds of course!), turn the unit on, and you're ready to go. This makes it easy to get in regular practice; I train with mine every day. The Laser Pet II is a great tool for helping you reach your shooting potential. I really think everyone who owns a handgun and wishes to be proficient with it should have one these.