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Smokeless Range 2.0 ® Shooting Simulator (with Standard Throw Camera)

Product Review (submitted on December 29, 2018):
I use the Laser Ammo Smokeless Range and the SF25-PLTP M&P Training Pistol to conduct training for the Safety Team at my church. Coupled with the Video Scenario Trainer Pro software from the Laser Ammo website, these make for the best quality affordable judgmental shooting training I've found in 10 years of leading my team.

Using the Smokeless Range Software has enabled me to provide outstanding training on marksmanship and decisional shooting. Updated and new scenarios are provided free of charge! Personally speaking, my targets used to look a lot like a shotgun pattern. Now, after just a couple months of using the system, I'm clearing the center of my targets out, so it certainly translates from the laser pistol with no recoil to a real pistol at a shooting range. In addition to being awesome training, it's just plain fun to use!