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Vibration Activated SureStrike™ Red Visible Laser Cartridge for FLASH

Vibration Activated SureStrike™ Red Visible Laser Cartridge for FLASH
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The SureStrikeTM Vibration cartridge is a 9mm cartridge that activates by the Vibration of the Airsoft and not by the firing pin like the conventional SureStrikeTM laser cartridge.

The Vibration cartridge will convert your Airsoft to a laser emitting Airsoft rifle a full blowback dry fire practice together with the LA FLASH - Airsoft rifle adapter.

With the SureStrikeTM Vibration cartridge you can continue to develop and maintain your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through, with a full cycle and airsoft blow back. Activated by the vibration of the Airsoft, the SureStrikeTM will emit a red laser and activate any Laser Ammo electronic target or simulator, and can be customized for specific orders to work with Laser Tag hardware or even MILES gear.



Barcode: 854855003958
Height: 5.75 inches
Width: 3.85 inches
Depth: 0.4 inches
Weight: 0.8 pounds

Vibration Cartridge 1Vibration Cartridge 1   Size: (56.69 KB)
Vibration Cartridge 2Vibration Cartridge 2   Size: (50.9 KB)

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

1 Item(s)

4/5 stars
LaserAmmo Surestrike w/vibration cap and Spider adaptor review:

After installing the laser in my AS gun i immediately noticed that it would only fire by trigger vibration about 66.666% of the time and was slightly disappointed. However, once i gassed up one of my magazines it fired with every trigger pull. After some more experimentation i found that the movement of the slide was what was activating the laser, and that the laser was indeed working just fine, but my trigger was the problem. If using the Surestrike for dryfire practice i advice making sure you AS has a heavy snap to it, but for live fire simulation it works great! The only problem i had with live fire sim, is that i was shooting without any pellets, with caused my slide to lock back after every shot. One would assume that not all of the problems i experienced would occur in all AS gun models, but if the slide locks back for each shot i advise keeping pressure on the slide release with your thumb, that seems t take care of the issue.
Over all, i give the rig 4/5 stars. Review by Einherjar13 / (Posted on 1/24/2017)

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