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LaserPET™ II Electronic Target + SureStrike™ 9mm Cartridge

LaserPET™ II Electronic Target + SureStrike™ 9mm Cartridge
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Train Today with the LaserPETTM II Electronic Target... Complete with Your Choice of a Red or IR SureStrikeTM  9mm Laser Cartridge!

Own a complete training system that combines one of the most advanced reactive targets available with your choice of a Red or IR (infrared) SureStrike laser cartridge for your 9mm pistol. No additional equipment needed!

Receive immediate feedback by in regards to the shooter's draw speed, accuracy, reloads and much more. It’s completely portable, can fit in any range bag, be used in most environments and proven to enhance every shooter’s abilities.Training with your single-action firearm will provide immediate feedback on your first shot... perfect for working on holster draw and simulated malfunction clearing.  Using a double-action firearm will allow you to track your split and elapse times for up to 6 different shots.

Available with either a red or infrared (IR) laser. Both have their benefits, so if you're unsure of which to choose contact us for suggestions, or check out our FAQ page!

(Please note that other company’s laser trainers will not activate the LaserPET II: ex: LaserLyte & SIRT)


Red SureStrikeTM Laser Cartridge Option

Barcode: 858981006593

SureStrikeTM Laser Cartridge Option 

Barcode: 858981006609

Height: 10 inches

Width: 8 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: ~2 pounds

(Please note that other company’s laser trainers will not activate the LaserPET II: ex: LaserLyte & SIRT)

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View FileLaserPET II w/SureStrike Laser User Guide    Size: (14.86 MB)
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Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

4 Item(s)

Fast and easy to set up and very accurate! Excellent dry fire training in my house! There are multiple training exercises with the 1 target and 5 different target slides. I own a Sig P210 Target and there are no training pistols close to my gun, making this system the best choice for me. I plan on buying additional targets in the future.
By the way, I ordered on Monday and I received it on Wednesday! Thank you! Review by Michael / (Posted on 1/20/2021)
its something very helpful
I was a little skeptical as.most are when i came across this particular item after some.research and thinking i went with the laserpet II 9mm . I do own many other calibers but wanted to start with my everyday carry round . I live in southern az and shoot on my property several.times a month . The cost of.this was starting to get very much in my way of.sticking with any kind of training with a normal schedule even with literally thousands of.rounds at my disposable the.cost recently to keep stupid . This item is exactly what i needed to hone those skills we all in the personal protection group .desire to be on target with speed. and my accuracy has vastly improved in a few hard days of training at home..and todays trip to my backyard range has shown . The fact. you get real feedback on your misses and hits is the magic i needed iam super impressed.and could go on all day about my new favorite shooting accessories and there so many advantages you can get but the info is.there on this website its mostly true . I am not saying its perfect setup but its a dam good try and look adding 12gauge and 556 in my future orders with all the diffrent targets . The amount of.practice and money i .can save is really up to you i just put 150.rounds in my target this afternoon after work today and with the cost of ammo today thats well over 200 dollars in just a hour n a half before range this evening .If your reading this go its something anyone serious about keeping proficient in any kind shooting skills or wants to.improve there shot placement wants . I have . only scratched the surface training regimen and am actually excited to going like.a passion / way of life should make us all feel that desire to get.better . Review by Vincent / (Posted on 1/14/2021)
Easy to use training system
This target and laser is easy and straightforward to use. No additional equipment needed, other than your own gun to train with. Planning to get one as a gift for my friend. Happy with my purchase. Review by Sean V. / (Posted on 5/15/2020)
Every pistol owner should have one of these!
We've had our Laser Pet II for a while now, and love it! It works great, and is very fun to use. If you're reading this, and don't know much about dry-fire practice, let me explain a bit. Dry-fire practice, as all competitive shooters know, is essential for developing accuracy. This is because all the mechanics & fundamentals are exactly the same as shooting a single live round only there's no recoil to contend with. Shooting live rounds at a paper target at the range, you often fire not knowing which shots are hits and which are misses. With dry-fire & the Laser Pet II, you're aware of whether each and every "round" scored a hit. This instant feedback allows you to immediately correct your sighting errors. The Laser Pet II is the perfect size... it comes with a two inch target that I can hit most of the time from the furthest I can back away from it in my house. Fortunately, it comes with slip-in targets that reduce the "hit" size, so you can raise the difficulty level as you improve. The different modes are fun and useful. I think one of the best features about the Laser Pet II is that its just so easy to get up and running. Simply insert the laser cartridge in your pistol (after clearing it of all live rounds of course!), turn the unit on, and you're ready to go. This makes it easy to get in regular practice; I train with mine every day. The Laser Pet II is a great tool for helping you reach your shooting potential. I really think everyone who owns a handgun and wishes to be proficient with it should have one these. Review by Cal / (Posted on 12/27/2019)

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