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Advanced Training Laser Pistol SF30 (G17)

Advanced Training Laser Pistol SF30 (G17)

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A Favorite Among Firearms Trainers!
Proper trigger finger discipline is a MUST when drawing your firearm from a holster. The Advanced Training Laser Pistol Model G17 (Glock 17 compatible) is revolutionary designed to teach proper firearms handling skills and make negligent discharges a thing of the past.The pistol uses a patented sensor design that detects even the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard when you're not intending to take a shot, setting off an alarm, warning the shooter about a potential discharge for training purposes. The device distinguishes between deliberate actions and unintentional incursion(s) into the trigger guard.  Also featured is an interchangeable magazine & night sights.  Available with either a red (visible) or IR (invisible) laser.  

This training pistol is compatible with the LaserPET I (red laser only) & II, i-MTTS target system, and Smokeless Range® from Laser Ammo!


ATLP Red (SF30-PLTP) 858981006401

ATLP IR (SF30-PLTP-IR) 858981006418 

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