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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol KWA M226

Recoil Enabled Training Pistol KWA M226

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Recoil Enable Training Gun: KWA M226-LE

Bring the range to your home or office – a P226 style airsoft pistol will convert to a training pistol with recoil and sound and let you train as if you are at the range, without range fees.

Professional tactical training for home defense is now easier than ever. Train with your family and friends safely with real scenarios and realistic drills, with no need to cycle the gun, anytime, anywhere.

The recoil enabled training pistol includes a KWA M226-LE gas blow back airsoft pistol with the SPIDER adapter and a vibration activated SureStrike™ cartridge (choose between red/visible or infrared/invisible).

Pair the training pistol with the I-MTTS and the Smokeless Range® simulator for a full tactical and judgmental training session with 100% safety.

Continue to train outdoors with pellets: the original airsoft pistol is not changed; therefore, the user can continue training with pellets (BBs) outdoors with one of the highest quality and best-in-class GBB airsoft pistols.

*Green Gas not included. Please make sure to buy green gas to operate the training gun.
**If you are using the Smokeless Range® Simulator with the 226 pistol, we require use of the IR Laser
***For dry fire with Laser, make sure to pull magazine follower spring down. 
ATP Magazine Follower Removal video demonstration

KWA Performance Industries offers a 90-day warranty from the original sale receipt. Using the KWA pistol with the REAL barrel may limit or revoke this warranty. Please submit all RMAs through Laser Ammo directly


Barcode and Item:


858981006302 RETP-M226 (Red Laser)

858981006319 RETP-M226-IR (IR Laser)


M3 with 0.35mm threading (nonstandard)

Length: 3mm

Allen key:

2.5mm Allen/Hex key

1.5mm Allen/Hex key

Laser 650nm – 780nm
High accuracy - Quick and easy alignment with windage and elevation 
Blowback simulates an operational firearm (about 30% of a real firearm)
Activates all electronic targets, training software and simulators
Magazine simulates loaded weight magazine
Perfect for concealed carry or pistol firing technique training
100% safe to use anytime anywhere
Great for Force on Force training
Available in different configurations to fit MILES, tactical vests and Simulators.

Pistol Specs:

– Length: 203.00mm
– Height: 141.00mm
– Outer Barrel Length: 119.00mm
– Inner Barrel Length: 95.00mm
– Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
– Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds
– Weight (with mag): 1.09kg
– Velocity: 340-350 FPS, Green Gas / 360-380 FPS, Black Gas
– Energy Output (with 0.20g BB): 1.07 Joules
– Gas system: New Structure 2
– Propellant: Green Gas


View FileSpider User Guide    Size: (7.69 MB)
View FileKWA M226-LE User Guide    Size: (3.9 MB)

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