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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol Umarex G19 Green Gas

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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol Umarex G19 Green Gas

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More Realistic Training Session With Recoil!

This GLOCK 19 replica is functionally identical to the firearm that inspires it and is Glock authorized. Shooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, take down, metal slide, drop free magazine, realistic blowback action, and enhanced grip texture.  Licensed by GLOCK, Made by Umarex Elite Force and modified by Laser Ammo to include our custom REAL conversion barrel with high quality SureStrikeTM vibration laser (in either red or IR) for the ultimate dry fire training experience! Powered by green gas & spare mags available!  Ideal to use with our LaserPET I & II, i-MTTS targets, or Smokeless Range® shooting simulator!

(Must choose "IR" laser option if using on Smokeless Range®)          



Features included:  

•             Lightweight, rugged injection molded polymer frame w/ aluminum alloy slide  

•             Fully licensed by GLOCK w/ complete roll marks on the slide and logos molded to the frame  

•             Traditional GLOCK sights  

•             Functional GLOCK trigger and safety  

•             GLOCK Gen. 3 texture technology  

•             GLOCK accessory rail  

•             Realistic gas blowback to simulate recoil and slide cycling


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number US 8568143B1


UPC: 858981006814


UPC:  858981006784

Power Source- Green Gas

Weight 1.45 lbs.

Overall length 8 in.

Barrel length 3.75 in.


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