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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol KWA ATP-C

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Recoil Enabled Training Pistol KWA ATP-C

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Perfect For Concealed Carry & Defensive Training!

The KWA ATP- C was designed to go hand-in-hand with defensive and concealed carry type training. The lower polymer frame and aluminum alloy slide makes the pistol light weight and cost effective. The frame was designed to fit many holsters on the market. The accessory rail allows for mounting of accessories and three dot sights allow for a rapid target acquisition. The ATP- C also features an interchangeable back-strap that allows the shooter to customize the fit and feel to their personal needs.  Powered by green gas, you are now able to train with recoil for a more realistic training session.  Great to use on Laser Ammo i-MTTS target system or Smokeless Range® shooting simulator.

(Must use IR laser option if using on Smokeless Range®)




The recoil enabled training pistol includes a KWA ATP - C gas blow back airsoft pistol (fits many of the Glock holsters) with the Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser (REAL) drop in barrel and a vibration activated SureStrike™ cartridge (choose between red/ visible or infrared/invisible). 

*Although Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for use by all ages under federal law. In some municipalities and states, there are restrictions on Airsoft guns. New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and parts of Michigan outlaw Airsoft guns entirely. – the buyer should check the rules and regulations of his specific location before placing an order.  

Continue to train outdoors with pellets: the package includes the original ATP- C barrel to allow for an easy conversion for the best-in-class airsoft that allows for even more training outdoors.
*        The gun comes fully assembled with the Laser conversion barrel and Laser.
**       Green Gas not included. Please make sure to purchase gas to operate the training gun.
***     If you are using the Smokeless Range® Simulator with the ATP-C pistol, we require use of the IR Laser
****    For dry fire with Laser, make sure to pull magazine follower spring down.  ATP Magazine Follower Removal video demonstration 




Product Attachments

Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number US 8568143B1

Barcode and item: 

858981006463 RETP-ATP-C (Red Laser) 

858981006456 RETP-ATP-C-IR (IR Laser)


M3 with 0.35mm threading (nonstandard)

Length: 3mm

Allen key:

1.5mm Allen/Hex key

Laser 650nm – 780nm

Gun Specs

Length: 190.5033
Height: 133.35mm
Outer Barrel Length: 107.00mm
Inner Barrel Length: 90.00mm
Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
Magazine Capacity: 19 Rounds
Weight (with mag): 0.64kg
Energy Output (with 0.20g BB): .98 Joules
Gas system: New Structure 2
Propellant: Green Gas

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