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Advanced Laser Training Pistol SF25 (M&P)

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Advanced Laser Training Pistol SF25 (M&P)

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Build the muscle memory for correct gun handling with the best Laser Training Pistol!

The Pro Laser Training Pistol is an M&P compatible training pistol that will fit most M&P style holsters. It comes with an accidental discharge sensor, an interchangeable magazine & a adjustable realistic sight. Available with either the red (visible) or infrared (invisible) laser.

There’s nothing worse than building poor muscle memory when you draw and shoot your gun! Learn how to prevent accidental discharge injuries with the Pro Laser Training Pistol. The Laser Pistol is our cutting edge training device that will correct bad habits with an alarm that sounds if your finger moves to the trigger too soon. When it comes to handling your own gun safely, playtime is over!

Accidental / Negligent discharge of a firearm are the most common firearms accidents. When this happens the financial burden placed on the individuals and organizations are devastating.

The Advanced Training Laser Pistol Model SF25 (Smith Weston M&P compatible and fits in most Sig Sauer P320 holsters) is revolutionary designed to teach proper firearms handling skills and make negligent discharges a thing of the past. The pistol uses a patented sensor design that detects even the slightest intrusion into the trigger guard setting off an alarm, warning the shooter about a potential discharge for training purposes. The device distinguishes between deliberate actions and unintentional incursion(s) into the trigger guard. 

When an unintentional intrusion is detected an alarm will sound and two LEDs along the side of the frame will flash. The alarm stops immediately when incursion is no longer detected, the LEDs remain flashing for 9 seconds.

A “SHOOT ONLY” and a "Simulator" mode are available as well, to remove the intrusion detection while keeping the trigger enabled, or to remove all alarms when using a Simulator.

The user can now train safely and securely with the Pro Laser Training Pistol, together with all Laser Ammo electronic targets, simulators and training software, for more enhanced training. With the removable magazine option, tactical reloads can be worked on.

As with all of Laser Ammo products, the Laser Training Pistol is from the highest quality materials. Sonic welding for seamless attachments and easy SureStrike Laser windage and elevation alignment!

*Not compatible with all Blackhawk Holsters



Pro Red (SF25-PLTP) 864012000287

Pro IR (SF25-PLTP-IR) 864012000294

The SF25 Pro Laser Training Pistol is available with either a red visible or infrared invisible laser cartridge

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Excellent training pistol!
I use the Laser Ammo Smokeless Range and the SF25-PLTP M&P Training Pistol to conduct training for the Safety Team at my church. Coupled with the Video Scenario Trainer Pro software from the Laser Ammo website, these make for the best quality affordable judgmental shooting training I've found in 10 years of leading my team.

The pistol gives great feedback on improper finger placement and has a very realistic trigger pull. Add a spare magazine and you can conduct combat or speed reloading drills. I had some warranty issues with my pistol which were quickly taken care of with great customer service.
Review by Rick H / (Posted on 12/29/2018)

The Pro Laser Training Pistol features includes: 

  • Smith Wesson M&P compatible

  • Fits all M&P holsters

  • Accidental discharge sensor (Pro Models)

  • Magazine change (Pro model only)

  • High quality Laser with windage and elevation

  • Special buzzer indicates shots’ discharge

  • Works with all Laser Ammo electronic targets, training software and Simulators

  • Comes with either Red or IR laser

  • Durable trigger with 3.5LB trigger pull

  • High end optic laser working separately from the gun for convenient battery changes, alignment and more

  • 18 ounce to simulate actual weight of firearm


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