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Basic Competition Package

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Basic Competition Package

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How Fast & Accurate Can You Land Shots Under Pressure?

Speed and accuracy are what it's all about when it comes to competition shooting.  How quickly can you draw your handgun from its holster and take that first shot?  Can you transition smoothly and accurately between targets or when running from one spot to the next?  Train anywhere you'd like with this package!  Compact and running off of AAA batteries with no wifi or computers required, the included LaserPET II is ready to train whenever, wherever.  6 different built in modes keep training fresh, and allow you to work on a variety of skills such as holster draw, magazine changes, and much more.  Vary difficulty levels with the assortment of target inserts with varying designs.  Also included is the SureStrike Premium Plus Kit - IR.  The IR (infrared) lasers in this kit can be used in any of your handguns chambered in 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP and come in a handy zippered case with UhrSecure safety system.  Batteries included! 



Included in this package are:

  • Premium Plus Kit - IR
  • LaserPET II

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