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Target Practice Package

Target Practice Package

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With a variety of electronic targets, laser training cartridges and more this package is perfect for the instructor on the go, or for any shooter looking for flexibility in where they train.  Possibilities are endless, as these target systems allow you to train for anything from general marksmanship, defensive drills, speed, transitions, and more!

This package contains our LaserPET II electronic target as well as a 5 pack set of i-MTTS targets plus system controller!  In addition, you will also receive SureStrike™ laser training cartridges (equipped w/red laser - upgrade to IR (infrared available) in both 9mm and .380, and adapters that will also allow you to train with 40 S&W, 45 ACP,  .223/5.56 or your AR-15, and a 12g shotgun adapter as well.  These are all enclosed in a zippered case keeping everything nice and tidy.  Toss in a spare pack of batteries and you're good to go!

Would you prefer your training package to include IR (infrared lasers) instead of red?  Upgrade your lasers for only $40!

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This package includes:

  • LaserPET II w/.380 SureStrike™ Laser Training Cartridge (red)
  • i-MTTS-5 Pack
  • i-MTTS System Controller
  • Ultimate LE Kit (w/9mm SureStrike™ Laser Training Cartridge (red), adapters for 40 S&W, 45 ACP, .223/5.56 for AR-15, spare battery, safety pipe, safety pipe extension, safety nut, camo zippered case)
  • 12g Shotgun Adapter
  • Spare Pack of Batteries

* Option available to upgrade entire package to IR for $40

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Red Laser Option:  TPP-RED

IR Laser Option:  TPP-IR