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Laser Range Training Package

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Laser Range Training Package

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Laser Training Convienece Like No Other!

Laser based training, now more convenient than ever before!  Take your handgun training anywhere you'd like with our new Laser Range Training Package! Starting off, this package includes the LASR software license, allowing you to use your laptop & webcam and train on any paper target of your choice.  Further your training in all aspects of marksmanship & take advantage of the built-in sensor to train for proper trigger finger discipline & help guard against negligent discharges with the TWO included  Advanced Laser Training Pistols w/red lasers.  Included as well are 2 additional spare magazines for your training guns, allowing you to practice mag swaps, malfunction drills, and more. 

Prefer to train with your own handguns?  No problem!  This package also includes our SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit (red) allowing you to train with any handguns chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP!  Toss in an extra pack of batteries for your lasers and you are all set to improve those skills!



Included in this package:

  • SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit (red)
  • LASR Software License
  • 2 Advanced Laser Training Pistols (SF30's w/red lasers)
  • spare pack of batteries for your lasers
  • 2 spare magazines for the ATLP's
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