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  1. Basic Competition Package

    How Fast & Accurate Can You Land Shots Under Pressure?

    Speed and accuracy are what it's all about when it comes to competition shooting.  How quickly can you draw your handgun from its holster and take that first shot?  Can you transition smoothly and accurately between targets or when running from one spot to the next?  Train anywhere you'd like with this package!  Compact and running off of AAA batteries with no wifi or computers required, the included LaserPET II is ready to train whenever, wherever.  6 different built in modes keep training fresh, and allow you to work on a variety of skills such as holster draw, magazine changes, and much more.  Vary difficulty levels with the assortment of target inserts with varying designs.  Also included is the SureStrike Premium Plus Kit - IR.  The IR (infrared) lasers in this kit can be used in any of your handguns chambered in 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP and come in a handy zippered case with UhrSecure safety system.  Batteries included! 

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  2. Home Defense Training Package


    This package is ideal for those looking to incorporate home-defense training into their practice regimen.  Work on transitions, target identification, shoot/no shoot, speed, and more with the included i-MTTS target system & System Controller.  Take your training to the next level with the included Recoil Enabled 1911 Training Gun with IR (infrared) laser!  (Upgrades available)

    Receive immediate time feedback and more with the i-MTTS 3-Pack & System Controller Combo!   The system has wireless target-to-target communications and multiple drill configurations.  The i-MTTS target system has 6 shooting modes: Standalone, Steel Plate Shooting, Chase the Ball, Shoot/No Shoot, Double Speed Shoot/No Shoot, and Double Tap.

    The System Controller serves as a wireless control unit which allows the user to control from a distance their target systems (*).  A simple button will rotate between the different training programs, view, scroll and toggle between ‘split time’ and ‘total time’ performance results, set automatic or manual ‘restart, choose ‘random’ or define the delay time for the ‘start signal, define needed ‘hits’ on target, set training program length, set preferred sound and light response, extend targets range, define sub groups, and more… (*) The new i-MTTS System controller will work only with new i-MTTS targets that will be sold starting 2020.

    Please note: The i-MTTS is built with modulated technology. As such, we cannot guarantee they will work with laser cartridges that are not manufactured by Laser Ammo. 

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  3. Laser Range Training Package

    Laser Training Convienece Like No Other!

    Laser based training, now more convenient than ever before!  Take your handgun training anywhere you'd like with our new Laser Range Training Package! Starting off, this package includes the LASR software license, allowing you to use your laptop & webcam and train on any paper target of your choice.  Further your training in all aspects of marksmanship & take advantage of the built-in sensor to train for proper trigger finger discipline & help guard against negligent discharges with the TWO included  Advanced Laser Training Pistols w/red lasers.  Included as well are 2 additional spare magazines for your training guns, allowing you to practice mag swaps, malfunction drills, and more. 

    Prefer to train with your own handguns?  No problem!  This package also includes our SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit (red) allowing you to train with any handguns chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP!  Toss in an extra pack of batteries for your lasers and you are all set to improve those skills!

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  4. Ultimate Trainer Combo Package


    Why choose one option when you can have them all!  With the Ultimate Trainer Combo Package, that's exactly what you are getting.  Included in this package is an assortment of our top requested gear when it comes to training shooters of any skill level.  Starting off with our Firearm's Trainer Simulator Combo (w/standard throw camera) you will be able to bring the range into your own home or classroom, and train on the included VST-P & Open Range software add-ons.  2 training guns are included as well:  one Advanced Laser Training Pistol (SF30 w/IR laser) and your choice of either a recoil enabled G17 or G19 (each complete w/IR laser). 

    Electronic target assortment also included for the ultimate in training portability:  LaserPET II as well as a 3 pack of i-MTTS targets w/System Controller.  Use with the included training guns, or one of the lasers in the included SureStrike™ Ultimate LE Kit (9mm red laser w/adapters for 45 ACP, 40 S&W, and .223/5.56 for your AR-15). Spare pack of batteries for your lasers also included!


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  5. Simulator Training Combo Package


    Ease of access is the name of the game when it comes to the Simulator Training Combo Package!  As the top requested package by firearm's trainers of all levels, the Simulator Training Combo Package features not only the Smokeless Range® simulator/standard throw camera, but also the Open Range, Video Scenario Trainer Pro, and M-Range Software Add-Ons.  Between these 2 programs, you and your students will be set for not only scenario based real life "shoot or no shoot" training, but also any sort of range training your imagination can dream up with the Open Range's full-on customizable range editor as well as the M-Range's courses for qualification training sought after by many Law Enforcement and Military agencies.

    Also included for your training pleasure are 2 recoil enabled training guns:  your choice of either 2 Glock 17 or 2 Glock 19 training guns, powered by green gas or CO2 (depending on model chosen) and equipped with IR lasers for use on the Smokeless Range®.


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  6. Target Practice Package


    With a variety of electronic targets, laser training cartridges and more this package is perfect for the instructor on the go, or for any shooter looking for flexibility in where they train.  Possibilities are endless, as these target systems allow you to train for anything from general marksmanship, defensive drills, speed, transitions, and more!

    This package contains our LaserPET II electronic target as well as a 5 pack set of i-MTTS targets plus system controller!  In addition, you will also receive SureStrike™ laser training cartridges (equipped w/red laser - upgrade to IR (infrared available) in both 9mm and .380, and adapters that will also allow you to train with 40 S&W, 45 ACP,  .223/5.56 or your AR-15, and a 12g shotgun adapter as well.  These are all enclosed in a zippered case keeping everything nice and tidy.  Toss in a spare pack of batteries and you're good to go!

    Would you prefer your training package to include IR (infrared lasers) instead of red?  Upgrade your lasers for only $40!

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  7. Advanced Competition Package

    Match Prep With Recoil... In Your Home!

    Take training to a whole new level with Laser Ammo's Advanced Competition Package.  This package is not only equipped with 2 of our most popular electronic target training systems, the i-MTTS target system and LaserPET II, but also comes with YOUR CHOICE of either a Glock 17 (green gas or CO2) or CZ Shadow 2 (CO2), each equipped with a vibration activated IR SureStrike laser cartridge!  Training with recoil when you cannot make it to the range is the next best thing to live fire as it most closely mimics the real deal.  Both targeting systems provide valuable time feedback as well as many assorted trainign modes, letting you track your progress each step of the way. Toss in an extra pack of batteries and a deck of our 50 SureStrike shooting drill cards and you have no excuse not to train during the off season!  In addition, you have the option to add on our new i-MTTS system controller or an additional 2 i-MTTS targets ($100 each per option).

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  8. Intermediate Competition Package

    Amp Up Your Training Regimen This Season!

    Tired of the same old training routine?  Spice things up this season with the Intermediate Training Package from Laser Ammo.  Included in this package are two of our top selling electronic target systems: the LaserPET II and i-MTTS target system.  Use each individual system alone, or combine the two for endless training possibilities.  Benefit from training with your own competition gun when used in conjunction with the included SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit- IR.  This kit covers any handgun chambered in 9, 40, and 45.  Need ideas on how to train?  Take advantage of the included SureStrike™ shooting drill cards... a deck of 50 cards with a photo of a drill layout on one side, and a breakdown on how to run the drill on the reverse side.  Drills range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.  Toss in an extra pack of batteries and you're good to go!  Option to add on i-MTTS System controller or 2 additional i-MTTS targets for $100 each option!

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  9. Three Caliber Pistol Training Package

    Regular Price: $365.00

    Special Price $345.00

    Get the SureStrikeTM Premium Plus Kit - 9mm, 40SW and 45ACP - with a 3-Pack Interactive Multi Target Training System that comes with everything you need to train at home, the office or training facility.

    The I-MTTS has wireless target-to-target communications and multiple drill configurations. Each target base comes with 4-target cards.

    The I-MTTS is built with modulated technology. As such, we cannot guarantee the I-MTTS will work with laser cartridges that are not manufactured by Laser Ammo.  


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  10. The Professional IR Package

    The professional choice! Focus on your sights and not on your targets, with the SureStrikeTM invisible infrared laser cartridge. Use your 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP and 223 for AR15. This package saves you $50.

    Record your shots on your Windows computer with the IR camera. Be a better shot by practicing with your own firearm at your own virtual range at home.

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