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SureStrike™ Premium Kit - IR

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SureStrike™ Premium Kit - IR

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Train With Your Favorite 9mm Handgun!

Load the SureStrikeTM IR laser cartridge in your firearm following our included user guide. When you dry fire the SureStrikeTM laser cartridge emits an eye safe shot of invisible laser light. The built in "snap cap" type device protects your firing pin so no additional equipment is needed. Combine with the LaserPET II, i-MTTS targets, or Smokeless Range® shooting simulator for an optimal training session providing invaluable feedback with each shot. This immediate feedback from the SureStrikeTM transforms plain dry fire practice into a powerful training session. The SureStrikeTM Premium Kit - IR adds an extra layer of difficulty by using an infrared laser. The shooter is forced to use their sights and trust their sight picture with each shot!

For more info on red -vs- IR lasers, visit our FAQ page.



 The SureStrike™ IR Premium Kit contains:

  • 9mm SureStrikeTM IR (infrared) laser cartridge 
  • UhrSecure Safety system – Short pipe, Extension pipe and nut 
  • Black Carrying case 
  • Battery  
  • User Guide

By adding any of our caliber adapters to your 9mm IR Premium kit you can expand your training system.
Other available caliber adapters (not included with the kit) are: 40S&W, 10mm, 45ACP, 45GAP, 357SIG, 12G, 20G, 308, 30-06 223 for AR15, and many more!

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Additional Information

Patent Number 8,707,867 B2, 8,584,587 B2

Barcode: 00854855003651
Height: 8.75 inches
Width: 6.75 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds

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