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SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit - IR

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SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit - IR

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Train With Our Top 3 Handgun Calibers In One Kit!

The SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit - IR takes the original Premium Plus Kit and adds an extra layer of difficulty by using an infrared (invisible) laser instead of a standard visible laser. This can immensely improve the training value of dry fire sessions, forcing the shooter to trust their sight picture, and trigger control without a visible laser indicator. Built in "snap cap" protects your firing pin, so no additional equipment needed.  Grab your gun and you're ready to train!  Great to use with the LaserPET II, i-MTTS targets, and Smokeless Range® shooting simulator. 

For more info on Red -vs- IR lasers, visit our FAQ page!



This kit includes:

  • 9mm SureStrikeTM IR laser cartridge
  • 40 SW adapter
  • 45ACP adapter
  • Short safety pipe and nut
  • Extension pipe
  • Camouflage carrying case
  • Battery pack
  • User Guide


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number US 8584587 B2, 8,734,156, 8,707,867 B2

U.P.C: 854855003774
Height: 8.75 (Inches)
Width: 6.75 (Inches)
Depth: 1.75 (Inches)
Weight: 1.2 pounds

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