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SureStrike™ 38 Special / 357 Cartridge

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SureStrike™ 38 Special / 357 Cartridge

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Bringing 21st Century Technology To Your Ol' Wheelgun!

Elevate your training to a whole new level with the SureStrike™ laser training cartridge (with red visible laser) for your revolver chambered in 38 Special/357.  Easy to install, simply follow the steps in the included user guide. Ideal to combine with the LaserPET I or II, i-MTTS targets, and even Smokeless Range™ shooting simulator for immediate feedback and wide array of drills. Built in "snap-cap" style device protects your firing pin eliminating the need for additional equipment.  Use one laser and rotate the cylinder between each shot, or fill it up and "fire" away, as we also offer 5 & 6 packs as well!

For more info on red - vs- IR lasers, visit our FAQ page.




SureStrikeTM .38SP/357 Laser Cartridge Includes:

  • 38 Special/ 357 SureStrike™ laser cartridge
  • 3 reflective targets
  • Battery pack

There is no need to use the safety pipe and nut with a 38 Special/ 357 cartridge.

Please note that in some cases, the cylinder of some revolvers may not be aligned with the barrel. In cases like this, the laser may shoot lower than the barrel.

Follow step 2 on the user guide, this product is a cap-type installation.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number 8,707,867 B2, 8,734,156

Barcode: 854855003316
Height: 5.75 inches
Width: 3.85 inches
Depth: .4 inches
Weight: 0.8 pounds

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