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12 Gauge Shotgun Adapter

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12 Gauge Shotgun Adapter

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Train With Your Favorite 12g Shotgun Indoors!

Incorporate laser based dryfire training by converting your 9mm SureStrike™ to work with your favorite 12g shotgun!  Easy to install and no tools required. The 9mm SureStrike™ Laser Cartridge is fitted into the detachable capsule front end, which is screwed shut with the 12g end cap. The capsule is then inserted into the chamber of your shotgun. This feature is especially convenient for police officers, who can use the same laser cartridge to train with both their service pistol (in 9mm) and shotgun (12g).

The shotgun adapter must be used with the 9mm  SureStrike™ Laser Cartridge. The 9mm cartridge is sold seperately, it is not included with this 12 Gauge adapter. The safety pipe and nut is not necessary when using the shotgun adapter.



This item includes:
  • 12 Gauge adapter capsule
  • User guide

The 9mm cartridge must be purchased separately, it is not included with the adapter. 
You do not need to use a safety pipe and nut with the shotgun adapter.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number US 8584587 B2

SKU: 012AR
Barcode: 854855003057
Height: 5.75 inches
Width: 3.85 inches
Depth: 1.12 inches
Weight: 0.4 pounds

View File12 G and 20G Shogun Adapter Installation Guide    Size: (100.4 KB)
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View FileSureStrike™ Caliber Adapters Data Sheet    Size: (200.84 KB)
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