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Expand Your Range With LaserPET II Expand Your Range With LaserPET II
Expand Your Range With LaserPET II

Your Personal Electronic Target.

Safe Laser Training Products

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Laser Pet II

Personal Electronic Target
  • 6 Interactive Training Programs
  • Enhance Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Shot Timer for Up to 6 Hits
  • Score Display Split or Elapsed Time
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Interactive Multi Target Training System
  • Tactical Training/Home Defense
  • Chase the Ball
  • Steel-Plate Shoot
  • Shoot/No-Shoot
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Ultimate Kit

Compact Portable Training Kit
  • 4 Different Calibers in One Kit! 9mm, 40SW, 45ACP, and 223 for AR15
  • Boursight for Pistol Calibers
  • 6 Reflective Targets
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Smokeless Range 2.0 Simulator

  • High-End Firearms Training Simulator for Marksmanship & Use of Force
  • Train With Your Whole Family, Team, or Department
  • High Speed Camera Included (optional short throw camera)
  • Head-to-Head Competition to Enhance Training Skills and Fun
  • Many Add-Ons Available With Unlimited Training Options
  • Build Your Own Drills in Minutes, Make Your Own Scenarios
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Open Range 2.0

  • Range Editing Software Add-on For Smokeless Range®
  • Create And Design Your Own Training Courses
  • New Features Including Course List Sorting, Mag Change, And A "Get Ready" Timer For Varied Marksmanship Training
  • Simple Drag & Drop Target Insertion & Target Scaling
  • Allows PNG Images For Targets, Backgrounds Or Objects
  • Add Target Motions Such As Pop-Up Or Knock Down