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LaserPET™ II Electronic Target (3 Pack)

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LaserPET™ II Electronic Target (3 Pack)

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LaserPETTM II is an advanced laser activated reactive target that will dramatically enhance your shooting skills with immediate feedback for each shot.

LaserPETTM II allows any level of shooter to train at their own pace, and customize their training routine, with six interactive training programs that will Improve any shooter response & draw time, accuracy, reloads and much more.

LaserPETTM II is designed to work with all red or infrared SureStrikeTM laser cartridges only, for safe and accurate training.

Purchasing three LaserPETTM II targets will give you the ability to do all your tactical training and much more. Multiple targets give you the ability to can set up various scenarios, such as placing the targets in different rooms. Train at home, like military and police officers in shoot houses. Add the SureStrike™ Shooting Drills Training Cards to make the most of your daily training routine.

(Please note that other company’s laser trainers will not activate the LaserPET II: ex: LaserLyte & SIRT)



Product Features Include:

  • Six interactive training programs
  • Shot Timer for up to 6 hits
  • Score display in Split or Elapsed Time
  • User defined settings for sound, delay, shot number and more 
  • Bright 4 Digit Numeric Led Display
  • Flash and Sound feedback for each shot
  • Compatible with Red AND IR SureStrikeTM lasers (SureStrikeTM Laser NOT included)
  • For Indoor & Shaded Outdoor Use
  • Changeable Hit Zone Size From 0.5” To 1.8“
  • Battery power level indicator
  • AAA battery operated (6 batteries included) or external Micro USB chargers (not included)

The LaserPET II comes standard with six training programs including:

  • Hit counter, counts the number of consecutive hits
  • Shot timer/fast draw, measures how fast you can hit the target in one shot
  • Pressured shooting/trigger control, counts the number of hits within a pre-set time slot
  • Double tap/reload timer, measures your speed between the 1st and 2nd hit
  • Multiple Shot Timer/elapsed time, measure your time between start to multiple hits
  • Multiple Shot Timer, split time, measure your split time between consecutive hits

Product Attachments

Additional Information

Additional Information

Patent Number No

Barcode: 858981006555

Height: 10 inches

Width: 8 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: 4 pounds

(Please note that other company’s laser trainers will not activate the LaserPET II: ex: LaserLyte & SIRT)

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