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Professional Electronic Target Training Pack

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Professional Electronic Target Training Pack

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Buy a LaserPETTM Electronic Target 3 Pack and get a SureStrikeTM Laser Cartridge for FREE! (up to a $119.95 value) Save up to 27%

Tactical Training at its best! Shooter ready, stand-by, click and save!

This all inclusive package allows you to create a fully loaded training environment for any (one) caliber. Bring an advanced-training range to your own home.

The Laser Personal Electronic Target (PET) is a standalone laser training target that does not require a computer.This highly mobile target can be easily moved and setup for different scenarios in your home laser training range.

Buying the 3 pack will give you the ability to do all of your tactical training and much more. By having multiple targets you can set up various scenarios to train at home.

This smart target helps improve your shooting skills with four skill modes. The LaserPET can keeping track of hits, act as a shot timer, and even help you speed up your reload times. The LaserPET gives the shooter instant audible feedback when a hit occurs and its easy to ready screen displays training statistics like hit times. This package has everything you need for training anytime, anywhere.



 Package includes:

  • Choice of one SureStrikeTM Laser Cartridge (9mm, 38sp, .223 for AR 15, OR .380) - FREE!
  • LaserPET (3 Pack) electronic target

4 operational modes:

  • Hit counter (P1) - Count and hear your consecutive hits.
  • Shot timer/Fast Draw (P2) - Track your reaction time from buzzer to hit.
  • Speed Shooting (P3) - Counts how many times you can hit the target in 5 seconds.
  • Double Tap/ Cowboy Action (P4) - Work on your timing between shots. Timer will start after tour first shot and stop after your next one. Perfect for double-tap training or for a revolver training change/ stress simulations—for more realistic training, simulate stress or magazine changes for the first 4 seconds, and subsequently count how many times you can hit the target within 5 seconds.

The LaserPET™ electronic target features:

  • 1.8"X1.8" laser sensor
  • Bright numeric LED display
  • Buzzer
  • Tripod and wall mounts
  • AAA battery operated

*LaserPET will not read Infrared (IR) Lasers 


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