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Smokeless Range Pro

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  1. Diamond Smokeless Range ® Simulator Combo Package

     The Diamond Smokeless Range ® Simulator Combo Package is an all-in-one combination package of the Smokeless Range® Simulator that includes 8 of our simulator offerings at a discounted price! 

    Add the SureStrike Laser Kit to use with your own firearm or add one of the recoil enabled training gun for add realism.

    This is by far the best and most comprehensive simulator available today for home use, competitive shooters, firearm trainers and Law Enforcement alike. 

    Package includes:
    - Smokeless Range® includes 10 different drills, a high-speed camera and tripod.
    - Open Range with the Course Editor
    - Game Range Alpha - 5 marksmanship and training drills, enjoyable for the entire family!
    - M-Range - course of fire, qualification training software that allows you to build your own course of fire and train up to 4 shooters at the same time
    - Video Scenario Trainer Pro - practice use of force and situational awareness in video-based scenarios that can have multiple outcome possibilities
    - Tactical Targets - presents a series of Shoot/No-Shoot targets as you move through an environment
    - Competitive Shooter IPSC Challenge – 5 full IPSC courses for the competitive shooter.
    - Fast Draw – based on a real fast draw match, and training mode.  
    The Simulator Combo includes a high-speed camera for both red (visible) and infrared (invisible) lasers. If you are using the Diamond Simulator Combo with Airsoft Pistols we recommend using an infrared (invisible) SureStrike Laser Cartridges.

    As this package includes both VST-P and the IPSC, the minimum requirement is higher then the basic Smokeless Range®


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  2. Smokeless Range ® -Judgmental and Marksmanship Shooting Simulator

    Laser Ammo is happy to announce the first affordable judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator - the Smokeless Range ® for practicing with your own firearm or Airsoft at your convenience at home.
    Practice your Fast Draw, IPSIC, IPDA, or your home defense or hunting skills with your favorite pistol, Shot gun or hunting gun. Use the Red or IR SureStrike™ or any of our Laser AirSoft solutions like the LA FLASH or the Recoil Enabled AirSoft Laser (R.E.A.L.) Conversion Kit, with the 10 different shooting scenarios.

    The Smokeless Range® includes a high speed camera for IR and Red Lasers, 5 different marksmanship drills, and 5 additional recreational drills, including:
    Marksmanship drills: 
    Transitional Drills
    - Tracking Drills
    - Speed Drills
    - Moving Targets
    - Matching drill
    Recreational training drills:
    Dueling Tree
    - Trap Shooting
    - Target Shooting
    - Can Toss
    - Bomb Blast

    *If using the Smokeless Range with Airsoft Pistols we recommend using an IR SureStrike Vibration Cartridge
    **While the prefered method of use is with a projector, the Smokeless Range can be used with a television. Please see attached instructions for set up and use with a TV.

    ***Please click the link below to download a free 15-day demo of the software. Please be advised that this demo is for use with your computer mouse only and not with your firearm.

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    The first of a new line of next generation add-ons for the Smokeless Range!

    IPSC shooting represents an exciting form of sport shooting that was established to promote, maintain, and advance practical marksmanship skills among shooters.  Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty targets, or even partially covered targets, obstacles, and competitive strategies are all a part of IPSC to keep shooters challenged.

    The Laser Ammo Competitive Shooter / IPSC Challenge package combines all of that to allow a shooter to train from the comfort of their home or office with their own firearm or with one of our blowback/recoil operated training firearms. 

    Experience all the exciting action and targets you would expect in an intense IPSC course including Moving Targets, Texas Stars, and so much more all in custom next-generation graphics and sound. 

    Enjoy five (5) separate courses designed to never get old, teamed up with the convenient and easy set-up of Laser Ammo's reliable Smokeless Range.

    This takes IPSC Training to a whole new level.  Challenge yourself or your friends on speed, accuracy and transitioning.  Fun and safe for all age levels. 

    The Smokeless Range® Simulator is extremely portable and easy to use. You can use it in any indoor area (depending on lighting conditions) and move it from one place to another per your training needs.  Just add a Laptop computer, projector (or TV) and a screen (or white wall), and you're ready to go.

    The Smokeless Range® Pro is an add-on to Laser Ammo’s Smokeless Range. The Smokeless Range is required to utilize the Competitive Shooter/IPSC Challenge add-on. Due to the next generation of high end graphics, the Smokeless Range® Pro series requires a higher level of computer specs. Please check the needed spec before you buy this item and make sure your computer is standing in those specs.

    ***Please click the link below to download a free 15-day demo of the software. Please be advised that this demo is for use with your computer mouse only and not with your firearm.

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  4. Tactical Targets

    The Tactical Targets add-on to the Smokeless Range presents a series of Shoot/No-Shoot targets as you move through an environment. Target presentation is randomized every time the course is run to ensure the training never gets old. Tactical Targets includes Five different courses of fire to choose from with one being a timed target range to really push and test your skills.  Tactical Targets is a must for every shooter.

    *Tactical Targets does not include a high speed camera

    **Tactical Targets is available only as an add on to the Smokeless Range. Customers must have the Smokeless Range and Camera in order to use this software.

    ***Tactical Targets requires an Intel i3 processor and 4Gb of RAM or higher to run.

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