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Digital Home Range Package

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Digital Home Range Package

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Bring a shooting range to your home, and train anytime! Save 5% on your order.

Download the L.A.S.R. professional software to your Windows computer, connect the webcam, hang the heavy gauge target on the well, load the SureStrikeTM in your favorite pistol and start practicing at home with a full virtual range. Train with your family and friends with up to 9 different target/shooting zones.

The L.A.S.R. professional software provides the user with instant feedback on shot placement and times. When shooting with Laser Ammo's 9mm SureStrike™ laser cartridge, the software detects the laser pulse, emits an audible tone, marks the location of the shot, and notes the time. LASR runs on your computer, and uses a webcam to watch any targets for laser impacts. When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, and, using the fully integrated shot timer, tells you exactly when you hit.



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Patent Number US 8584587 B2, 8,734,156, 8,707,867 B2

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Weight: ~ 2 pounds
16 x 8 x 4 inches

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