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5 Caliber Basic Training Pack

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5 Caliber Basic Training Pack

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Buy a SureStrikeTM Ultimate LE Edition and get an additional caliber adapter for FREE! (up to a $39.99 value) Save 20%

The Ultimate Package that covers all of your gun collection, pistols and rifles!

This package allows you to create a fully loaded training environment for five calibers. Train with any 9mm, 45ACP, 40 S&W and 223 for AR15 and free adapter of your choice.

This package has everything you need for your indoor training anytime, anywhere.

Choose between the following adapters:

  • 357 Sig Adapter

  • 10mm Adapter

  • 12 G Shot Gun Adapter

  • 20 G Shot Gun Adapter

  • 44 Mag Adapter

  • 45 Long Colt Adapter

  • 308 Adapter

  • 3006 Adapter

  • 8x57 Mauser Adapter

  • 6.5x55 Swedish Adapter

  • 300 Winchester Adapter




Package includes:

  • SureStrikeTM Ultimate LE Edition
  • Adapter of your choice - FREE! (up to a $39.99 value)
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